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MAX-250E Oxygen Sensor

MAX-250E Oxygen Sensor

Part Number: 0110429
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  • MAXO2, Oxygen Sensor (external replacement sensor for Models OM-25ME, OM-25MEL, OM-25AE & MaxBlend)
  • Compatible with Bird Products and Datascope equipment.

The Maxtec MAX-250 Series oxygen sensors are of the galvanic cell type. They are similar to the conventional galvanic oxygen sensor (lead anode / KOH electrolyte) in operation. However, the chemistry of the MAX-250 Series sensors is quite unique. By implementing a weak acid electrolyte, MAX-250 sensors offer superior performance over the conventional oxygen sensor when used in applications such as emissions testing.

The weak acid electrolyte of the MAX-250 series sensor is unaffected by CO2, CO, and NOx. This results in a sensor with a superior technical advantage over KOH-type sensors in applications where these gases are present.

Model Number: MAX-250E
REF: R125P03-002
Main OEM: Maxtec
OEM Sensor Part No.: R125P03-002
Output Connector: Mini power socket
Sensor Output: 10.0 -15.5 mV
Sensor Life: > 1,500,000 % oxygen hours
Response Time: < 15 seconds
Warranty: 24 months