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VersaStream Oridion Compatible

Oridion Connector
Compatible for use with Oridion (Medtronic/Coviden/Nellcor) capnographs, as well as capnographs and patient monitors from other manufacturers that incorporate Microstream® technology; such as Philips, Dräger, Nihon Kohden, Physio Control, Zoll…
Compatible to the FilterLine® range of sampling lines.
Available in short-term <24 hours (orange) or long-term <72 hours (yellow).


Why VersaStream CO2 sampling lines?

- One-piece sampling line solution

- Cost-effective alternative to Nafion tubes

- The gas-selective non-porous material facilitates the removal of condensation from the sampling line

- The integrated bacterial filter prevents contamination

- Reliable measured gas values, due to negligible dead space volume of the filter - even in cases of high respiration rates

- Integrated bacteria filter and water removal reduces the number of patient circuit parts and speeds up patient monitoring preparation time

For further information on see our VersaStream sampling lines compatible for use with Oridion leaflet.

See the selection guide or for further information on our full VersaStream range.

All VersaStream Sampling lines are 2.0m length.