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VM-2160 SMARTsat Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter

For spot checking or constant monitoring of SpO2 

The VM-2160 SMARTsat is a robust and ergonomic hand-held pulse oximeter which provides movement rejection and has been designed with the most difficult conditions in mind.

It has the durability of a compact and lightweight hand held unit for spot-checking of SpO2, but also has the power and functionality of a stand-alone pulse oximeter.

The VM-2160 SMARTsat incorporates adjustable high and low alarms for both the SpO2 and pulse rate with audible pulse tones, and is able to store and restore up to 560 hours of patient trend data, enabling the unit to also be used at the bedside for continual patient monitoring.

SMARTsat Sensors

  • Soft silicone finger sensors
  • Reusable finger clip sensor
  • Reusable ear sensor
  • Disposable sensors
  • Extension cables

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