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O2Ring Pulse Oximeter
O2Ring Pulse Oximeter
O2Ring Pulse Oximeter
O2Ring Pulse Oximeter

O2Ring Pulse Oximeter

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Continuous Monitoring... Track and record oxygen saturation levels overnight

The O2Ring stands out as a cutting-edge, wearable pulse oximeter that excels in adaptability and reliability. Specifically crafted to monitor heart rate, oxygen saturation, and perfusion index, this innovative device seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle.

When you wear the O2Ring, it effortlessly initiates the continuous tracking of your overnight blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, and body movement. Throughout your sleep, in the event of a low-oxygen level or abnormal heart rate detection, the O2Ring responds instantly with a gentle vibration to alert you.

Upon syncing the recorded data with the app, you gain access to in-depth analyses and trends showcasing your oxygen levels and heart rate, providing valuable insights into your overall well-being.


  • Comfortable
  • Track and record oxygen level and heart rate
  • Smart vibration triggered by low SpO2
  • Built-in rechargeable battery for overnight use
  • Sync real-time data with App via Bluetooth


Measuring Range
Pulse Rate

70 – 99%
30 – 250 bpm

SpO2 (80 – 99%)
SpO2 (70 – 79%)
Pulse Rate

+/- 2%
+/- 3%
+/- 2 bpm or +/- 2%

Recorded Parameters

Blood oxygen level, pulse rate, exercise

Vibration Source

Low oxygen level, high/low pulse rate

Built-In Memory

4 sections, up to 10 hours each

IP Rating





38 x 30 x 38 mm

Ring Size

50 – 82 mm


Rechargeable Lithium Battery
(12 – 16 hours use)


Bluetooth 4.0 BLE


IOS 9.0+; Android 5.0+