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Veterinary Microstim DB3 - Supramaximal Nerve Stimulator
Veterinary Microstim DB3 - Supramaximal Nerve Stimulator

Veterinary Microstim DB3 - Supramaximal Nerve Stimulator

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The Veterinary Microstim DB3 Supramaximal Nerve Stimulator provides a means of assessing, on demand, the depth or degree of muscle relaxation achieved during anaesthesia.

  • Easy to Use
  • Low Cost
  • Compact

Please note: The Veterinary version includes both standard patient leads (2520000) as well as the croc clip version (2520020).

The Microstim DB3 is now only available to purchase for use in Veterinary environments. The product is no longer CE-marked for medical use and is therefore not certified for human clinical use within the EU.

The Microstim DB3 was discontinued as a medical product on the 17th May 2019. The reason is that it is not feasible to certify this legacy product to meet the requirements of the European Union Medical Device Regulation (MDR).

The decision to discontinue the Microstim DB3 does not affect any devices already supplied, which were fully compliant with CE regulatory requirements that were in place when the devices were sold. Any devices currently in service bear a valid CE mark and there is no need to withdraw the units from use.

Viamed offers an annual service and will continue to supply spare parts and servicing for a minimum of 7 years.

The Veterinary Microstim DB3 is the latest addition to the Microstim range, which has been popular with anaesthetists worldwide since 1985 and has served extremely well, being low cost, easy to operate and reliable in use.
This Nerve Stimulator has four settings:

  • Train of Four
  • Double Burst Stimulation
  • Post Tetanic Count
  • Continuous 1 Hz

We are often asked `Why does the Microstim not have a display to show the delivered current?`, this is why:

  1. The current required for supramaximal stimulation varies considerably between patients. The best way to establish supramaximal stimulation is to gradually increase the stimulus current until the response is elicited.
  2. Because the Microstim is a constant current stimulator, it is not subject to current reduction as a result of high skin impedance. A non-constant current stimulator needs a display to indicate the delivered current.
  3. A numerical display can give the erroneous impression to the inexperienced user that the display somehow indicates the magnitude of the muscle response.